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The Sharp MX-B402SC: For Offices with high document distribution?

Offices really have different set of standards when it comes to document preparation and distribution, it is fast paced and if possible reduced downtime and maintenance in all its devices, and efficiency must be maintained at all times.

The Sharp MX-B402SC is one such printer that can be depended upon to deliver and frees the office of the hassles of fast paced documentation. When the B402 printer is loaded with the right Sharp Printer Drivers, it becomes an efficient and compact copier for the office work production. Anything less would defeat the purpose of this printer.

The MX-B402 has been envisioned by Sharp to be a multitasker as it prints, copies and scans making it solve and break all the boundaries and restore office efficiency. In fact, it made the printer work-friendly by providing a large touchscreen for easy access. It comes with a standard USB 2.0 port and an ethernet connection allows users from anywhere, within the office area.

Technically, the MX-B402SC is a device worth having because it comes with a hard disk drive of 80 GB and regular 1 GB RAM, this insures production. It also is blessed with a duplex feeder machine that is business-friendly. But, to top it all operating the B402SC is financially liberating because it uses high-yield toner (20,000 pages) and refillable.

And finally, the Sharp MX-B402SC will reduce employees printing waiting time because it delivers crisp prints and copies at 40 ppm (pages per minute. And it comes standard with the ImageSend technology that scans documents and sends it to seven destinations if required. With all of these technologies on hand it will naturally streamline workflow.

You can never catch offices using the Sharp MX-B402SC printer napping, because this device is not only top of the line but delivers on its promise. Of course offices must be certain that the right Sharp printer drivers are installed, or it will never do the work expected of it.

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