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Signing Documents: How To Sign One Without Printing It First?

Electronically produced documents to be binding need to be signed by the one who wrote it. The regular method is to use the HP Officejet 6700 premium or any other printer and attach the printed (manually) signature to the document.

From the distant past, electronic documents are first printed, the copy is signed over before it can be sent as a fax message. This method is more complicated as imagined, because one will be dependent on an office device to communicate. And because lapses could happen along the system, miscommunication and failure often occur. Failure should never be an option, all communiques should be straightforward and accurate.

The usual process is however weird, and smacks of decades old practices which no longer fit the norm in a digital world. Sending signed documents today depend so much on the computer software’s image editor. One only need to manually write his/her signature on a piece of paper and let the scanner do the copying. Then convert the scanned signature into a png file and edit all background away and only the underlined signature should be left behind and save.

Every time one need to sign a document, the file can be retrieved, inserted and pasted into the document. However, before sending the document as a fax message it must be converted first as a pdf file. This becomes a perfect document, complete with the signature and all other attributes that makes it totally binding. The original document must be kept in storage, simply as protection should anyone tries to copy.

But in context, are signed electronic documents legal in a sense of the word. The answer is somewhat vague, because some countries find it legal, while some do not recognize it as such. It is really just a matter of application, and one should make a go at it for locales that find it acceptable. Otherwise, the old system of printing documents through the HP Officejet 6700 premium, signed and sent via mail service applies.

In a nutshell, the HP Officejet 6700 premium printer plays a big role in the production of signed electronic documents. It simply starts the process, documents are sent, communication becomes easy and efficient, without even printing the document.

Remember, putting your signature in an electronic document is simple, and never as complicated as many are enticed to believe.

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