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Preparing for Litigation: How To Organize Paperworks For a Lawsuit?

In practically all serious civil action, the flow or exchange of important documents defines the outcome of the suit. A printer like the Epson Workforce WF 3640 can help manage the reproduction of documents.

Here are some of the necessary steps required in preparation for a civil action or litigation:

A meticulous lawyer, first must determine the scope of relevant information, what are the likely topics, or have the total grasp to feel the upperhand in a lawsuit. Also be aware of what series of documents and types of information that is in custody, possession or control and also those that are reasonably/legally obtained from other sources. Take note that printing documents in response discovery requests should never be encouraged.

It is common sense and good practice to know anyone who may have possessed or hold information that could likely help. Or meet important and cooperative witnesses that will build a solid information to further the merits of the case.

After all related information are kept at bay and proper document identification are made, these should be stored in a searchable database. This should be of utmost concern because documents should be easily available when necessary. All information must be bundled in folders and must be given search terms for direct access.

Create backups to all relevant information, to protect the litigant against any accusations later of trying to sabotage the proceedings of the case.

Organize all of the bundled information and the most practical way is to arrange the documents similar in pattern to any ordinary course of business. Filing the documents in chronological order with the oldest documents on top and the recent document at the bottom of the heap.

Be conscious of the time restraints, because cases are heard following a strict time frame. Failure to meet the deadline imposed by the courts could affect not only the schedule of calendared cases but also the relevance of the legal team.

And lastly, never publish any information about the case, in hard copies provided by an  Epson Workforce WF 3640 and even on social media. Statements posted on Facebook and other social platforms are generally open for scrutiny and affect the lawyer, client privilege. This holds true not only for the main litigant but everyone in the legal team, silence is gold.

At the end of the day, success in any litigation depends on the veracity of information and the clarity of printed documents. Only an  Epson Workforce WF 3640 can help provide the hard copies of documents relevant to the case.

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