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No Airprint Printers found: What to do with this error code?

Printing from your iPhone or smartphone is a print solution most widely accessed today, but like any mobile app, error codes could appear. What is most common though is ‘no airprint printers found’.

This error code is just one of the many users will encounter when dealing with mobile printing applications. This is expected because communication channels used rely on WiFi signals to process information. Since WiFi is radio wave transmission, it is but natural that there will be interruption, since we are dealing with unstable signals.

We will rely so much on the stability of the signal, but other factors may contribute to the problem, thus error codes appear. This is to prompt users, because radio signals are invisible, if not for error codes users will not be aware of the current situation the devices are in. When faced with error codes, remedial measures must instituted.

There is always a router involved in all WiFi communication setup and it is where all of communication problems come from. So, try the following as initial response:

  1. Interference causes signals to fluctuate, so move the printer closer to the router or the other way around.
  2. Check the wireless connection, problem may come from the Internet service provider and not from within the office area.
  3. Ascertain surely that your iOS device (smartphone) is not in an airplane mode, signals will not be able to get thru.
  4. Check that all devices are hooked to the same local area network.
  5. Check all devices are running on compatible or latest software.
  6. If signal is still not restored, turn all devices off, better yet unplug each from their power source.
  7. Wait for 10 to 20 seconds and plug it on again, the slight rest regularly result in restored WiFi signals.

In all instances this initial response should be able restore WiFi connectivity and erase the ‘no airprint printer found’ error, if not there must be something remiss with the devices involved. When this happens try other options before calling in the experts.

Remember, mobile print solutions come with its related instability, so be ready to face it squarely.

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