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Kyocera FS2000 Toner Cartridge And The Benefits of EcoSys Technology

Laser printer users who have long saddled with unmanageable printing expenses can take a rest with the entry of the Kyocera FS2000 toner into the market. This development is a welcome break for users because the EcoSys technology infused into the cartridges obliges all users to rely on refilling – the use of toner refill kits instead of buying a cartridge replacement. This is a gesture that promotes user savings and environmental benefits as well.

Why is toner refilling encouraged in Kyocera FS2000 toner cartridges? Kyocera is not your average or regular toner cartridge since it can tolerate the frequent infusion from toner refill kits to sustain printing. In fact, it was designed to last long and survive several rounds of refilling just like its print drum that was crafted from Amorphous Silicon. This type of silicon is second to diamond in hardness so that the drum can survive from between 375,000 to 500,000 pages of print. Summing it up, a user may only need a few cartridge replacements up to the lifetime of the printer.

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Kyocera TK310 TK312 FS2000 1 Pack Toner Refill With Chip

Kyocera TK310 TK312 FS2000 1 Pack Toner Refill With Chip

What are toner refill kits? These are after market products developed by third party manufacturers precisely to refill empty Kyocera FS2000 toner cartridges. Toner particles in refill kits inhibit similar characteristics with the ecotone toner used on the OEM Kyocera toner cartridge. It is understood that the capability of the OEM toner to continuously polish and maintain the condition of the drum surface during each printing cycle is also inherent in the refill toner.

Why are toner refill kits necessary to the Kyocera FS2000 toner cartridge? The reason for this is that the cartridge is designed for longevity. Therefore, a single lifetime of 12,000 pages would not be enough to strip it of its capability. It will need several infusions of refill kits to reach its intended printing capability to match that of the other printer components – the print drum and fuser included. Thus, every time the cartridge is depleted of toner, the likely option the user has is to refill it with toner.

Will it benefit everybody? The concept behind EcoSys technology is to minimize the wanton disposal of empty cartridges that has escalated to an alarming rate of around 200 million each year across North America. This is apart from the cost benefits that are intrinsic in the use of refill kits.

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Kyocera TK-310 TK310 TK-312 TK312 FS-2000 Remanufactured Toner Cartridge

Kyocera TK-310 TK310 TK-312 TK312 FS-2000 Remanufactured Toner Cartridge

Remember, your Kyocera FS2000 toner cartridge is really designed for refilling. Each time it runs out of toner, do not hesitate to conduct refills using a Kyocera FS2000 toner refill kit and never even consider buying a replacement cartridge.

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