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Iron on transfer paper for laser printers: Why choice is important?

While the past relied heavily on silk screens to print images on fabric and other surfaces, the entry of laser and inkjet printers simplified the process. Iron on transfer paper for laser printers were developed, in conjunction with one for inkjet printers

However both system are not interchangeable, one is designed solely for use on laser printers while the other is applicable only for inkjet printers. The reason is obvious and it stems from the fact laser printers use heat to print while inkjets does not. Any iron on paper laser printer that is not heat resistant will not be used on laser printers.

Heat that emanates from the fuser of the laser printer will melt the sensitive coating of the transfer paper and may cause to drip on the printer parts. This will result in damage to the printer, and repairs could be expensive. In some instances unit replacement may even be the heady option instead of repairs.

So, while out looking for iron on transfer paper, always be meticulous in the choice because mistakes could really be damaging. There are however lots of brands available, Amazon for one has the following: Avery Light T-Shirt Transfers, Techni Print EZP Laser Heat Transfer Paper, Epson Iron-On Cool Peel Transfer Paper and several others.

Once you have the iron on transfer paper, it is best to have the fabric first laundered, wash, dry, so that it is pre-shrunk and must be free of wrinkles for a smooth and even transfers. Most iron on transfer paper laser printers are designed to be peeled off right after ironing, while some types need to be left to cool off before peeling.

Remember, always be cautious when dealing with an iron on transfer papers for laser printers, wrong choice will result in damaged output and cause the printer to malfunction

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