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Epson printer error code 0X97: How to resolve the issue?

Epson printers like any other electronic devices are prone to epson error code 0X97, that in some cases compromise the performance. But there are ways to go around the epson printer error code 0X97 to resolve the issue.

Error codes appear when the printer is used for long periods of time straight and no rest in between. The reason could only come as a direct response when electronic components heats up because of uninterrupted performance. Just like humans, devices need to rest, to avoid components overheating averting damage.

However, the nice thing about electronic components is each are built to operate only at certain limits, and when it is breached it shuts off automatically. This is different from humans that needs to see a doctor if the body overheats. When the printer shuts off, it only suggests that the user need to slow down allowing the components to heal automatically.

Allowing the printer to cool down, regularly resolves the issue about error code 0X97, because once components breaks it reconnects when sufficiently cooled. This method is regularly done by pulling out the printer from the power source, disconnecting other devices connected to the printer. Re energizing the printer only after several minutes does the trick.

Should it refuses to print after the shutting off and repowering the printer back, then damage could have already occured. If you are adventurous, open the printer and look for the fuse and replace it, because it is usually the culprit for every shutdown. But should it turns out negative, damage could only come from a burnt electronic motherboard.

When met with this predicament, users need to call the expert printer technician, and shoulder the exorbitant fees that these demand. Considering that inkjets are normally cheap, it is only common sense to dump the used and malfunctioning printer for a new one. But, this does not sit well with the preservation of the environment status quo.

Remember, when the epson error code 0X97 appears it is a sign to slow down and do maintenance check. Should the epson printer error code 0X97 persist, then damage could have happened in the sophisticated electronic circuitry.

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    February 4, 2020 at 1:56 pm

    Damn, so this error is serious. I made the mistake of printing a LOT of pages without giving it a break and now something is definitely wrong, very wrong. I’m not adventurous at all so I guess I will have to call a specialist or something. I wish I’d have figured out I need to give it a break and not print like a madman :(. Thanks for sharing!

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