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Connect Epson Printer: Avoid the hassle use the Epson setup utility?

When you are new to printer setup, connecting such is like going on a trip alone for the first time. You have lots of things to fear about, but once experienced it seems a shroud had been lifted, everything falls into place.

Such is the experience one goes through with epson printer connect, a mist makes it impenetrable, but is worthwhile with the help of an epson connect printer setup utility. Take heart because this is endemic when doing setup for all printers, not just from Epson. One needs to go through the setup protocol to explore the capability of the printer.

All printer setups can never proceed without getting out the printers current ip address first, looks like it is the printers pedigree rating. Getting it out requires you to do the following:

  1. Plug the printer to the power outlet, but refrain from powering the device yet and see to it that the paper tray is loaded with paper.
  2. Plug securely the Ethernet cable into the port of the printer and the other end into the air port the one with double arrow, not the WAN port because it is for the internet router.
  3. Power on the printer, and while in it explore the back of the printer and look for the TCP/IP report button and depress it for about three seconds. This will generate a TCP/IP report.
  4. When you are using an iPad enter the IP address just generated by opening up Safari or Chrome in the URL bar and tap Go in the keyboard. If the printer prompts you for a login name and password use the word ‘epson’ for both.
  5. That’s about it, the configuration change is complete, and wait for the printer to reset.

Summing up, the entire process is simple and easy to understand, nothing is really there to make one jittery.

Next time you are met with the epson connect printer predicament, just remember there is an epson connect printer setup utility to help manage the entire process.

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