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Chromebook Printer: How to set it up?

Although we are moving towards a paperless society, there are still human interventions that needs hard copies to be printed. How seldom it could be, the printer should be gouged and ready when necessity arise.

Most popular with users recently are chromebooks, but like any device this should be setup to add printer to chromebook. The process of a chromebook printer setup follows certain guidelines that must be accurately followed. Any lapse in the process, makes the entire course of action null and setup will not materialize and printing becomes nil.

First in the process is to ascertain that both the chromebook and printer are connected to the same WiFi network, this is important because setup will not be possible. Once certain about the integrity of the wireless connection proceed with the setup:

  1. At the bottom right  of your chromebook laptop or tablet, select the time, then settings and zero-in on the icon advanced.
  2. In the printing section, select the printer, and if the particular printer model does not appear on the list, add the printer manually.
  3. Once the printer is added, test print just to be certain that the setup has been successful.

That’s about it, the setup process is now complete and it is so simple and easy, you can never miss out in the process. If your printer is connected to chromebook through a USB cable, you can print right away after the chromebook printer setup has been completed. There is now no need for the printer to be connected to WiFi.

Chromebook has been the runaway choice among users, that is why add printer to chromebook is a necessity to be able to enjoy printing runs on documents or photos residing in the cloud. And because devices operates on WiFi connectivity, you can actually send documents or photos practically from anywhere or everywhere around the globe.

Upgrade to enjoy the benefits the new technology offers.

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