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Category: Printer Troubleshooting

Wireless Printer Connectivity: How To Resolve Printer Connectivity Issues?

Wireless printer connectivity is a common issue among printers simply because radio waves are used in the process. And because radio waves are not
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Printer, Scanner Issues: Some Of The Most Common Problems

When a printer, scanner, copier malfunctions, it affects not only document reproduction but also office productivity and efficiency. Some of the
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What To Do When Print Jobs Were Sent to the wrong printer

Sending a print job to a wrong printer other than the Canon LBP6000 regularly happens when a device is connected to banks of printers. It could be a
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Ink Cartridge: Troubleshooting and Cleaning practices

Always pay attention to the error messages displayed on the computer. Any irregularities in the printing process are communicated via blinking lights
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Printer Not Working after Windows 10 Upgrade

Users should always expect that there will be issues that crops up every time an operating system upgrade is made. Windows 10 problems is no
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Photo Prints: Troubleshooting Too Much Ink/Ink Bleeding Concerns To Improve Photo Clarity

In photo printing particularly inkjet bleeding is as common as eating breakfast. There are lots of tangibles that may cause ink to bleed on paper,
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Mini Mobile Printers: How It Works?

A mobile office is never complete without a mini mobile printer. Mobile printing brought versatility to how office personnel conducts
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