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Category: Laser Printers

Canon Printer Scanner: Info on how to scan?

We know that a Canon printer scanner can transform any physical document into digital format direct to a computer. But how to scan from printer needs
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USB Cable Connects Your Printer to a Computer

In an ideal setting, the computer and printer should be designed as a single unit to avoid communication issues. Instead, both have become
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Canon Printers: How to connect a Canon printer to WiFi?

WiFi offers convenience to users, simply because it makes life easier as electronic gadgets can be moved around without connecting cables
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What Have We Learned, Discovered and Realized About Printing Over the Years?

Technological birth and obsolescence accelerate at breakneck speed. Desktops are being superseded in favor of laptops (save for specific uses
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Cleaning the Corona Wire of Your Laser Printer

A laser printer contains several moving and heated parts during printing. Some of the parts require more attention than usual to keep your laser
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A Quick Guide to Iron-On Heat Transfer Paper for Shirt Printing

Do you print shirts or garments and make money out of it? Or just a pastime hobby? Do you have a printer sitting in your desk? You can print
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Printer queue problem; How to resolve and continue printing?

The printer queue feature of a printer is one innovation that has entirely revolutionized printing. With this feature, users will only need to
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