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Canon Printers: How to connect a Canon printer to WiFi?

WiFi offers convenience to users, simply because it makes life easier as electronic gadgets can be moved around without connecting cables trailing behind. Take a printer for instance, good if the size is compact, but mostly these are beasts so portability is never an option.

With WiFi, printers have shed its monstrosities and are portable enough to be carried around wherever the user wants it to be. Canon printers are classic examples, but right out of the box it is a dud or as dead as it can be. It has to be reconfigured and how to connect canon printer to WiFi? The process is detailed in the accompanying instruction that comes with the box.

The process on how to connect printer to WiFi must be dealt with caution, it has to be followed religiously, because lapses brings effort to naught. But, of course, the user must see to it that WiFi signals is present if not consistent before any attempt to connect is tried. Here is a rundown of the setup involved in how to connect printer to WiFi:

  1. Turn on the printer, press the power button, the screen lights up then press the settings button. Press the arrow button until the device settings appear, then press ‘OK’.
  2. After which press the arrow button some more until it shows LAN settings, then press ‘OK’. The printer will now start searching for the WiFi network, while the search process is ongoing, the light will be blinking.
  3. If the search process is too long, you have the option to press stop, it goes to wireless LAN setup, standard setup, then press ‘OK’.
  4. Enter your Password for the WiFi (enter passphrase), then press ‘OK’.
  5. And lastly, once the screen says connected, press ‘OK’ again,

And just like that and a few steps to follow, the process to connect printer to WiFi is now complete.

Remember, do not be intimated with the set of instructions provided by the manufacturer, the process to connect canon printer to WiFi for instance is simple and easy to execute.

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