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Brother Printer: How can we connect it to WiFi?

WiFi Printers right out of the box are not set by the factory to work immediately, it has to be reconfigured to awaken so they say its WiFi capabilities.

One example is how to connect Brother printer to WiFi is simple and easy to execute because a new Brother Wifi printer comes with instructions. It will not need professional help to setup the printer and connect to the local WiFi network. 

However, before starting with the process first find out the wireless network settings of the wireless router, since this is the access point. Better yet write out the network settings also known as SSID or ESID and the network key also referred to as ‘password’, ‘security key’, or ‘encryption key’. Regularly pick the first if it is a WEP encryption.

  1. Turn on the machine, plug the power cord, and as the screen lights up press the menu button on the machine’s control panel.
  2. Press the up/down arrow key and select Network, then press ‘OK’. Press the arrow key some more to reach WLAN, then press ‘OK’, after which press some more to select setup wizard, then press ‘OK’
  3. WLAN should now be enabled as it appears, select yes to allow network to setup of the wireless wizard. The machine will now search for the network and show a list of available Network Names (SSID). Press the up or down arrow keys to choose the right SSID written down earlier. Then press ‘OK’.
  4. Enter the Network Key if so required, the machine will now try to connect to the WiFi network just selected.
  5. If the Brother connection process is successful, the machine’s LCD will display Connected and if the connection failed the machine will print out a wireless connection report, so the user can check the error code and do remedial measures.

And finally that’s it, but before one can print, the Brother WiFi printer driver must first be installed.

How to connect Brother printer to WiFi as shown above is just a short and simple process, it takes common sense and determination to go through the entire WiFi printer process successfully

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    February 3, 2020 at 10:31 am

    It may sound and look simple for someone that knows what they’re doing but what about for someone that isn’t good (at all) with technology? It’s all gibberish to me and it scares me so I always need help with such things. Some written steps don’t always help out. I often have to search for videos to find a solution I can actually put into use on my own. Your post is helpful and if you could create a 2 minute video on this I think you’d help a lot more people. Thanks.

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