Word Processors: There Are Others Not Just Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word alternative

The popularity of Microsoft Word drives others to think that it is the end all in word processing application. Sad to to say this to Microsoft faithful, there are others available some are cheaper, others are even free and can be downloaded from the web.

The truth is, this past decade many alternatives have emerged in the market. One of the recent addition is offered by the guru of online applications, Google – the Google Documents. Some of the Microsoft Word alternative application online are listed as follows:

  1. Zoho – word apps special feature is it allows users to recover valuable information lost from irregular network connection. There is always a threat of accidental closure of the browser window or crash. Zoho automatically saves the document right after typing. It also offer all known standard formatting, document creation allows export features to DOCX, PDF, RTF, TXT, and also HTML.
  2. Office online – it is possibly the best alternative online for document editing requirements. It allows users to open, create and edit word documents online. It also provides the ability for users to access documents virtually from anywhere using only an Internet connection.
  3. Google docs – let users create, collaborate and share documents, spreadsheets, presentation. drawings and forms. It automatically save and store the file online, or even publish the documents as a web page. Can also be downloaded or e-mailed as an attachment. What is special about google docs is it can be coaxed to edit documents even when disconnected to the Internet.
  4. ThinkFree Online is practically a web-based editor program. The program allows one to write, save, share and open documents from the web browser without installing the software on the PC. One will only need to register online as a member to be eligible for an online storage space named ‘My Office’.  Access to start documents compatible with the program and stored. Documents can also be viewed, retrieved and edited easily.
  5. Etherpad – is a document editor programmed for collaborative editing, a tool intended for groups, friends, students, classmates or colleagues at work. This really is for working on a planned writing project together, even if participants are miles apart.
  6. IBM Lotus Symphony – this comes free from IBM composed of a word processor, spreadsheet program, and a presentation software. It supports the opendocument format (ODF extension), Microsoft Office, Lotus SmartSuite files and can even be exported to PDF.

There are lots of other Microsoft word alternative, some are free and can be downloaded outright from the web. One will never be short of alternatives, just need to surf the web for the most appropriate program that suits a user’s requirement.

Remember, word processing application is not a domain of Microsoft, other Microsoft Word alternative programs abounds the web.

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