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Wireless Printers – How to connect to a Mac?

Wireless Printers - How to connect to a Mac

When wireless printers came out it created a huge stir because it promises to free offices of connecting cables. True to its hype it did, bringing people the necessity to know how to setup a wireless printer.

Apple devices users for instance scrambled to learn how to connect wireless printer to mac. Because many were in the opinion that connecting their printer to their Mac devices will need the services of professionals. Regularly this entails added cost but their apprehensions were doused cold because the process is really easy. Hereunder is the process;

  1. Choose the WiFi network that you need to access, use the printer’s built-in controls. At this point, you might be asked to enter the network username and password.
  2. Install into your Mac the printer driver that came with the printer or download the software of the printer model.
  3. Access ‘system preferences’ from the dock, choose the ‘print & fax’ control panel found in the hardware section and click on the ‘+’ icon on the left side of the control panel.
  4. Tap the ‘IP’ tab usually at the top of the pop-up window and select ‘Internet Protocol IPP’ from the list of protocols.
  5. Enter the wireless printer’s IP address and queue name, then choose the right printer driver from the ‘Print Using’ drop-down menu.

The setup is now complete, just click the ‘Add’ button and the printer will now appear as an available device. Send in a document and start printing.

The process on how to connect wireless printer to mac has been devised to be really easy and simple to execute. This is precisely intended for the faint-hearted so they can enjoy the printing process on their own. To avoid missed setup, follow the guidelines religiously.

Bottom line, never be intimidated by the setup wireless printer protocols, they were not devised for the superhuman but for the regular John and Marsha like you and me.

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