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Wireless Printer Problems: What are Lexmark’s Share Of Identified Issues?

Lexmark wireless printer problems

Lexmark wireless printer like any other printer in the market share common problems. These are not however, problems associated with the printer but are more about connectivity.

When the printer is actively working and suddenly stops, the user will need to look more closely at the WI FI indicator lights status communicated by the device. There are actually three sets of LED lights, if the green light is steady and solid it means that the signal strength is okay. When the light blinks, there was some sort of interruption and the printer is re initializing and waiting for the signal to regain strength. And when the lights are dead, signal now is non-existent or connection has failed.

When signal connection has failed the user is advised to take a proven course of action and do minor troubleshooting. Please take note that WI FI depends on both modem and router to deliver the signal to the printer. The modem turns the signal from the phone, cable line or dsl line into a format that the computer understand. The router meanwhile accepts the signal from the modem and distributes it to the local network to computers and other devices.

It is  clear that signal breach may come from the local network or of the two devices, and the course of action must start with the service or Internet provider:

  1. The user must be certain that signal from the service provider is stable and of enough strength to serve the need of the local network. To check, try using other printers connected to the network, if it prints, the problem lies with your computer, printer connectivity.
  2. When signal is certain, try to unplug the devices from the power source, then wait for thirty second and then replug the devices again. Switch the devices on, this simple action regularly restore the wireless connectivity of the devices.
  3. There are certain instances that connection fails because of lost AP (access point) to printer, which refers to the wireless or radio portion of the router. And this could be due to the router security setting, interference, distance or simply the location of the device. This is an automatic response, remember routers have firewalls that blocks signals when there is a threat to the security of the local network.

Disruption in wireless connectivity can never be discounted not even with a Lexmark Wireless printer. To assume that wireless communication can be made stable throughout is wishful thinking because all devices depends on the power supply to work endlessly. We know for a fact that electricity fluctuates, variation could be high or low enough to trigger irregularities in the system.

The bottom line, when dealing with a lexmark wireless printer, patience is of the essence. Because like any other printer Lexmark has its share of identified connectivity issues.

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