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Wireless Printer Connectivity: How To Resolve Printer Connectivity Issues?

How to resolve printer connectivity problems?

Wireless printer connectivity is a common issue among printers simply because radio waves are used in the process. And because radio waves are not visible, troubleshooting is a hit and miss process.

Like most developing technology, the more it advanced the more complicated it becomes, error prone and hard to troubleshoot. If it is a printer it may work just fine for a week, but it goes kaput suddenly. And due to connectivity issues, having a back-up unit is a sound option if finances warrants. Here are some tips to go about printer connectivity issues:

  1. Reboot everything is a surefire way to restart connectivity, because problems could be caused by power supply issues among the devices connected to the local network. The printer, the computer or the router could be experiencing zero transmission. But, in 90% of the time the router is source of the signal breach. 30 seconds lead time should be observed before re-powering on the networked devices.
  2. Check the printer’s wireless connectivity to be certain that the device is still connected to the network. By no fault of anybody the wireless router suddenly out of the blue may need a new password, mode, or SSID, etc. to connect. To resolve this issue push a button to reprint the network configuration directly off the printer.
  3. Anti-virus or firewall apps and any other types of security software when recently uploaded can block the connectivity from the computer to the printer. Try to disable the apps that cause the problem.
  4. Reset the printer if a new router is installed to allow the wireless network to work. It may include the wireless password, the SSID network name, address filter or AP isolation. The purpose of the reset is to match the printer and the router to connect anew.
  5. Unwarranted change of IP address could also be the cause of connectivity issues. Normally, the printer operates with the same IP address on the local network as it is dependent on the server. When this thing happen, simply delete the printer on the computer and re-add it with the new IP address.
  6. Downloading latest install app updates will help if it comes directly from the printer manufacturer’s website. This is important because when an update is available the old drivers becomes outdated and can no longer be used.

If the wireless printer connectivity issues still persist, try using other printers or print from multiple computers. And if nothing else seems to provide solutions, call the printer manufacturer for help.

Remember, it takes common sense to do troubleshooting and resolve any wireless printer connectivity issues.

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    Brother Printer Offline Status Error on Windows 10
    August 14, 2018 at 4:34 am

    i am also facing the printer connectivity issue. My iPad can’t find my wifi printer, I have 2 PC the can use it via the wifi and one that is hard wired. The iPad says “No air printer available”. How can i fix this issue?

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