Wireless Fax Machine: How Does It Work?

A wireless fax machine has become and still is an integral part of any office, although some of its functions are now diminished because of the popularity of the Internet – emails.

Unlike e-mails that depend entirely on the Internet, fax machines are simple and can send and receive written information through a phone line. It will need a fax machine both for the sending end and the receiving end, just how it work can be summed up as follows:

On the sending end, a modern fax machine is built with sensors that read the messages intended for transmission.

  1. It also has an automatic paper feed mechanism to streamline fax messaging complexity.
  2. The sensor encodes the information into sets of black and white dots to allow the coded data to travel through the phone line.
  3. A typical office fax machine is officially called a CCITT (ITU-T) Group 3 facsimile machine. The Group 3 designation implies that the machine can communicate with other Group 3 classified devices.
  4. It prints with a horizontal resolution equivalent to 203 pixels per inch (8 pixels per mm) and three vertical resolutions of 98 per inch (standard), fine at 196 lines per inch and common in the workplace is 391 lines per inch.
  5. Lastly it transmits at a rate of 14,400 bits per second (bps).

Fax machines has a photodiode array of sensors (1,728 in all) that allows it to scan an entire line of document. A small fluorescent tube is added to give the sensor a clear view.

On the receiving end as the coded information arrive the receiving wireless fax machine, decodes it, compress it anew and reassembled into scanned lines similar to the original document. To physically present the document the information must be printed. In the past thermal papers were used, since it is coated with chemicals that reacts and turns black when heated.

Fax messages can also be received by a fax modem, stored in the computer’s hard disk as a graphic file and then sent to the printer, it could be an inkjet or laser printers, whichever is available in the local network.

In a nutshell that is how the wireless fax machine send and receive messages. The information presently are either read direct in the computer monitor or printed by an in-house printer if hard copies are required.

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