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What You Need To Know About Closed Loop Cartridge Recycling Programs?

What You Need To Know About Closed Loop Cartridge Recycling Programs

We have a lot of resources in this blog about toner cartridge recycling tips, but we rarely feature OEM recycling programs. It’s not because such does not exist, but because they mainly focus on reducing the effects of electronic waste to the environment. Print consumable manufacturers do have recycling systems and today we’ll be talking about closed loop cartridge recycling programs.

So what exactly is a closed loop system?

Closed loop system is a process where a product, in this case a used toner cartridge, is disassembled and reduced to its original materials. Those recycled materials will then be used to create different many products, therefore, greatly reducing the need to use fresh resources.

This starts with OEMs collecting old and used toner cartridges from the consumers. They then go on with the manufacturing process as mentioned above. However, in order for the close the loop recycling program to be completed, consumers must also give their support by purchasing the products made from recycled materials.

Are close the loop recycling programs worth your time?

The number of people that use printers is growing steadily each year, that means there is also a significant growth in electronic waste production. Over 50 million tonnes of e-waste was generated in 2014 alone and only about 13% of that was recycled. If this trend continues, there won’t be enough landfills to hold it, not to mention the very limited supply of natural materials will be completely used up.

What I’m saying is that we need to change. We have to acknowledge the problem and support the solutions, in this case close loop recycling programs. If the end result is going help reduce waste production and preserve natural resources than any far fetched idea is definitely worth the try.

I have made it a routine of sorts to take part in close loop cartridge recycling programs. It usually takes me about 30 minutes to gather all toner cartridges and other printer consumables we have maxed out on refills in the office then drive to the nearest OEM store every month. I genuinely think it’s worth my time. What do you think?

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