What To Do With Old Toner Cartridges?

Toner cartridges have their print limits. So when they finally run out of toner, have you ever wondered what to do with old toner cartridges?  Many companies and individuals take advantage of these empty consumables for monetary potentials and huge savings. Here are some ways to make use of your old toner cartridges.

Toner cartridges are capable of a few numbers of refilling. Instead of buying a new cartridge, reusing your old one with toner refill kit is the cheapest printing solution you can have. Toner refills are almost 90% cheaper than an OEM cartridge and contains the same amount toner powder. Refills also promises the same number of page yield. Why let go of a perfectly working empty toner cartridge so soon?

Return programs
Printer manufacturers have return programs which allows you to send back empty toner cartridges in exchange for points or rewards. However, there are also companies and charity events that take old cartridges in exchange for money. Yes, you can earn money with your old toner cartridges. This option is perfect for those who have empty consumables in bulk.

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