What is Printer Toner?

If you are an office worker or an entrepreneur, you are probably dealing with voluminous paper works. You might also be using printer machines for your document printing needs. Eventually, you have had asked yourself what is printer toner? How does it works to create images and texts?. The following are the things you should know about what is printer toner.

Made of simple powder. Printer toners are made of simple powder that produces texts and images. In its earliest form, they used a mixture of carbon powder and iron oxide. Then later, they added polymer to the melted carbon to make the printout look better and vibrant.

Helps cut the costs in printing. Using printer toner helps cut the cost in office printing since it is cheaper than ink. It also allow users to print thousands of pages before changing another cartridge.

Sealed cartridge. The older models of printers used in early times required the users to manually pour the chemicals from the bottle to the reservoir inside the printer machines. Whereas, printer machines brought out today use sealed cartridge directly fed to the machine which prevents messiness in printing preparation. Cartridges for printer is important as it serves as the reservoir for ink or toner.

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