What Is E-Waste Recycling- How To Do This?


In the era of modern technology, we are using a lot of devices. We use them and throw them when they are not more useable. But this thing is creating a major issue for the environment. This thing also happens in the offices. In an office, we use a lot of electric devices for our needs. After finishing the usage of them and they become a waste product, they are then called E-waste. For a better environment, we need to recycle them. But what is E-Waste recycling? Here I am going to explain what it is and how it’s done.

The meaning of E-waste is an electronic waste. E-waste recycle means, making the waste reusable for the next time. We make an electronic waste reusable for some other works. In offices, the most common e-wastes are air conditioners, room heaters, computers, hard discs, circuit board, laptops, printers, copy machine, electric utilities, etc. After a particular time, they may become obsolete, worn out and no longer efficient to use. We change them and throw the older one. They become office e-wastes which fortunately you can recycle to keep the environment clean. There are various organizations which collect these e-wastes to recycle them. They use a step by step process and even integrate newer parts to make it into something new. Though we see that the product or the device is no longer usable, there are some parts in a device or a machine which are not spoiled and can be used for new products. Here I have shared some of the parts which are reusable.


Most of the e-wastes contain plastic which doesn’t get rotten. When you send the waste to the recycle station, they collect the plastics. These plastics are then used to make a fence, plastic sleepers, plastic toys, equipment holders and some other plastic products.


Most of the devices have metal material inside it. Metals are sustainable for a long time. They can be used for various things. In the dumping station, they collect the metal for other works. Furthermore, these metals are used to produce steel and other products which needed metals.


Glass elements of devices are fully reusable. Some computer monitors have the Cathode Ray Tube which is a glass element. This glass recycles by a long-term process, and then they used to make other glass products.

Now you know what e-waste recycling is and why you need to help in this process to keep the environment livable.

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