What Do The Letters Next To The Printer Model Stand For?

You might be wondering why some printer models have series that looks almost the same. The only difference is the added letters. Does it really have difference? What do the letters next to the printer model stand for?  If you’re planning to purchase a printer, this might be a great help for you to choose what you really need.

B = Battery

This letter means the printer can run with battery – most likely those portables ones. However, it’s really rare to see this letter.

BT = Bluetooth

It means you can print via Bluetooth.  

C = Colour

A printer model may have a monochrome or a colored version.  If you see this, it means the printer uses colors other than black.

D = Duplex

It basically means the printer has an auto-duplexer. So, no need to manually flip the pages.

F = Fax

Multifunction printers normally have this letter added. F stands for the Fax function.

H = Hard Disk

Many printers have this feature. It may come in handy especially when queuing print jobs.  It saves data and files for easy and fast printing.

i = Card Slots (Imaging)

Some printers may have imaging features without having this letter next to the printer model. You might have to carefully check the specs.

MFP = Multi function printer

Multifunction printers may have 2 or functions or all-in-one. It can have a combination of print, fax, copy and scan.  

N = Network

This letter stands for Network which may be wireless or with an Ethernet port.  NW on the other hand means “wireless network” and may not come with Ethernet port.

S = Stacker or Stapler

Normally seen for high-volume printers, this letter stands for stacker as it stacks up printouts.  Other printer models may indicate “SK” but it has the same function.

T = Extra Tray

The printer means it has additional paper tray.  This a good feature  for those  who require continuous printing.  

W = Wireless

The printer has wireless printing function which is perfect for mobile devices.

X = Duplex, Extra Tray and Networking

A combination of these 3 functionalities is marked with the single letter X. However, some brands or older models carry “DTN” instead of “X”.

You may see a combination of these letters next to the printer model. This indicates the functions and features.  For instance if you see “CDN”, it means it has color, duplex and network capabilities.

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