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Top 4 Toner Refill Accessories

Top 4 Toner Refill Accessories

Toner refill kits come packaged with accessories that make the refilling process easier and much quicker. Here’s a rundown of toner refill accessories you’ll find inside the kit.

Toner Plug

toner plugsThis plastic plug is used as stopper or sealant to seal toner cartridges following the refill. The plug easily attaches to fill the main hole, if the cartridge subject for refill comes with a fill hole.
If not, toner plugs are used to shut holes created by the toner hole making tool. This is far more effective than using duct tapes for sealing. Toner plugs are sold separately from toner refill kits.

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Toner Wipes

Toner Wipes
Toner wipes or toner cloths is another refill accessory. These are used to pick up spilled, smeared or loose toner dust that stick on the cartridge panels and mains, as well as on the toner bottle following the refill.

Toner wipes are formulated with magnetic properties that allow it to trap toner dust on the fabric and prevent the latter from sticking to skin and clothes. The material is also lint-free and non-abrasive; which making it ideal for cleaning other printer parts that come in contact with toner. This simple maintenance is implemented to reduce toner build up that cause blotches or defects on printouts.

Toner refill kits are supplied with toner wipes or you can buy them separately in packs.

Latex Gloves

latex gloves
Latex gloves are supplied to prevent toner particles from sticking to the skin in the course of the refill. This is advisable not only in the toner cartridge remanufacturing industry but also in other industries such as automotive, battery manufacturing and even aircraft assembly. Just like the toner wipes, the material has the ability to trap in chemicals and toner powder and therefore prevent skin contact. However, these latex gloves must be disposed after refilling as they become permeable.

Funnel Cap

Funnel Cap

The funnel cap is supplied with the kit to support the zippy and clean transfer of toner powder from the bottle to the cartridge’s toner hopper. Simply attach the funnel cap on the mouth of the toner bottle and proceed with the refill.

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Refilling toner cartridges is as easy as one, two and three. Depending on the type of cartridge you have, there are three types of refill methods available. And with the use of toner refill accessories, the process becomes easier, mess free and efficient.


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