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To Send Documents: Which Is Better by Fax or By Parcel?

Faxing legal documents or sending by parcel

In today’s world where the Internet is king, faxing legal documents seems to be the order of the day. However, many still prefer to receive hard copies, so a parcel service is still very much around.

The reason why fax messaging is so popular could be anchored towards ease and convenience, simply because document transmission could be had with just a push of a button. When the fax machine was invented in the sixties, sending messages through the phone line became the norm. Everybody caught the system by storm as households and offices are never without the fax machine. It became the center of document transmission and communication.

With the advent of the Internet, the computer and digital printers, fax messaging had a facelift, and fax machines lost flavor. All messages are prepared on the computer and easily sent online to the recipient comfortably. Unlike the fax machine, messages sent online are clear and in color basically just like the original as formatted by the sender. And, if the recipient need a hard copy, the printer can do the duplicate.

However, even with the superiority of fax transmission not all documents could just be sent through the phone line or online. Legal documents for one are always sent as hard copies, although prepared on the computer, are printed and sent to recipients through parcel service. Nobody would like to be served with court summons through fax, hard copies are as always the best option.

In a nutshell, the parcel service will always be relevant, although security must be introduced to safeguard the integrity of documents during shipping. Add to the safeguards, parcels must be properly labelled, wrapped properly, insure it and finally use a postal code. These documents are picked up by a parcel service company and delivered to the recipient. Looking at the process that documents pass through is almost limiting.

In the end, the choice depends upon the preference of the recipient. If faxing legal document is acceptable to the recipient, then the work of the sender will be much more easy. On the other hand, if hard copies are preferred, the sender is only left with the option to send the known documents through a parcel service. The only consolation using parcel service is, it is very cheap.

Remember, the receiving party has the option for a parcel delivery and do away with faxing legal documents or vice versa.

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