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The Best Cheap Color Printer for Home Use

HP Officejet Pro 276dw

Inkjet color printers are the most commonly used color printers for home. Originally, inkjet color printers were manufactured for home use. They were slow workers when compared to other devices such as laser jet printer. These days some models are fast enough to meet a home’s requirements. For instance, HP Officejet Pro 276dw is the the best printer for home use with cheap ink for 2016.

Now cheap does not mean they are of low quality and subpar performance. Most inkjet printers are intended and are designed for printing low amounts. Hence, they are best suited for personal reasons. They work incredibly well for low requirements like graphics, printing written texts, and color on the periodic basis. Very precisely placed spots give high-quality pictures. Dots with a mixture of different colors together can make the high-quality images.


Anything or everything is on Wi-Fi now and how can we not have this selection in HP Officejet 6100 ePrinter as the best cheap color printer. Yes, we have inkjet Wi-Fi and cloud printing which is a very convenient feature. Other exciting features are the memory spots and the USB port, which helps to link exterior devices to the printer.

Ink used

The initial cost of buying an inkjet printer is low. However, keep in mind that the remanufactured ink used in it is very expensive and do not last long. You have an option of stuffing the container yourself or getting a renovated one from your personal PC supplies store. However, one might want to think twice before doing that, because this can damage the printer. Using ink that is not approved by the producer will also gap the assurance. Hence, it is always better to use a re-fill kit designed for the printer design that you own.

Type of Paper to be used

Another essential thing is the kind of paper used in the inkjet printer. The paper used for printing decides the high picture quality. The ones intended for inkjet printer provides a cleaner and lighter picture than the standard color copier paper. If printed on a wrong kind of paper, the ink will apply.


Canon iP7250 is the best printer for home use with cheap ink. It is smaller in proportions and hence save a lot of space on your worktable. If you’re looking for wireless multi-feature devices such as copying, scanning and printing and faxing packed together in a single machine Epson WorkForce WF-2540 is a good option. This will be the best suitable one for home and home office work.

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