How To Tell If Ink Cartridge Is Empty

Knowing how much ink is left in your cartridge is important especially if you want continuous workflow.  There are ways to know whether you have an empty ink cartridge or on low ink-levels. There are 3 easiest methods on how to tell if your ink cartridge is empty.

1. Checking the control panel menu.

Printers with LCD and touchscreen control panels can display ink or toner levels. All you have to do is navigate the control panel and check on the “Supply Status”. Depending on your control panel interface, it may come out as an icon or a dropdown option.

2. Printer software

Every printer comes with a software installer for your computer to connect with your printer.  Using this installed software, you can check directly from your computer and check on supply levels.

3. Self-test printing

If your printer is still able to print on paper, you can simply print a self-test report or supply status report. The report includes all information about ink colors, supply level and calibration details.

Empty ink cartridge may result to delay of work and affect business operation or activities. Therefore, having extra supplies at the ready is necessary.

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