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Canon PIXMA iP4820: Fixing Error 6000

Canon PIXMA iP4820 Premium Inkjet Photo Printer

Canon PIXMA iP4820 Premium Inkjet Photo Printer

The Canon PIXMA iP4820 is a photo printer best for personal and home office use. It boasts Auto Duplex Print, Auto Photo Fix, Borderless Printing, Document Printing, and 2-way paper feeding. Additionally, it utilizes 5 individual Ink Tanks (Canon PGI-225BK and CLI-226 Series). However, having impressive features does not mean it will not encounter technical problems too. A flashing Error 6000 is one of the most common errors experienced with this printer.

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What does Error 6000 mean? Error 6000 means there is a problem with the Line Feed (LF). There are 3 common causes for this error: (a) The line feed is either scratched or smeared; (b) some small particles, debris or a foreign object is stuck in the LF drive; (c) or the line feed slit or sensor unit is defective.

How to resolve an Error 6000 issue? There are many solutions offered to fix various reasons for this error code:

(a)    For a scratched or smeared line feed, simply clean the LF or EJ slit film with a non-corrosive solution.
(b)    For stuck particles, debris, or foreign object in the LF drive, remove the jammed object properly.

If the abovementioned problems are non existent but the Error 6000 keeps flashing, resetting the printer might just do the trick.

1.  Unplug the printer from the outlet and let it sit for a few seconds for pause effect.
2.  Plug the power cord back and switch on printer. Press and hold the “power” button for a few seconds then press “stop” button twice. Repeat procedure one more time. This time, slowly release the “power” button and press the “stop” button four times. This should clear the persistent error message.

(c)    For a defective printer part, replace the defective component. The defective components will include one or more from these: LF / EJ slit film, LF / EJ timing sensor unit, Paper feed roller unit, Logic board and Paper feed motor. Refer to the manual for proper removal and installation of the new part. If you are wary, it is best to seek the help of a professional.

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Canon PGI-225BK & CLI-226 Value Pack of 5 Ink Cartridges: 1 PGI225, 1 each

Canon PGI-225BK & CLI-226 Value Pack of 5 Ink Cartridges: 1 PGI225, 1 each

The Error 6000 on Canon PIXMA iP4820 is a problem that offers several solutions. However, the constant problem a user usually faces with this printer is the depletion of its consumables. Make sure to buy an extra Canon PGI-225BK and CLI-226 in case the ink cartridge is exhausted in the middle of a printing task.