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HP CP1525 Laser Printer – Is it Worth Owning?

Finding the right printer which suits personal and office needs can be quite tough. However, the HP CP1525 laser printer is capable of filling this void. With its professional-quality color prints, it is perfect as a personal printer. And its versatile connectivity makes it an ideal shared printer for a small office. It is guaranteed to be user-friendly and the availability of
toner refill kits for this model makes it even more desirable to purchase.

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Why Get An HP CM2320FXI Multifunction Printer Even Though It Was Discontinued?

Most multifunction printers are designed to eliminate the need to use multiple single-function devices at a cost. The HP CM2320FXI multifunction color laser printer, however, is a jack-of-all trades that can do everything for less. It works best for small to medium sized offices, work teams as well as small printing businesses. This multifunction printer does not only handle challenges for offices, workgroups and small printing businesses but it simplifies work itself. Although it is already discontinued by its manufacturer, CM-2320 MFP series especially the CM2320FXI is still one of the top machines in terms of cost-efficacy.

Why get an HP CM-2320FXI Multifunction Printer? Although discontinued, HP still provides top notch support for the HP CM-2320FXI as well as the other CM-2320 MFP models. More so, the color laser printer is affordable to buy upfront. It also packs plenty of features that will definitely enhance productivity in small to medium sized working environments as well as small printing businesses.

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Key Features and Benefits of the HP CM-2320FXI

HP LaserJet CC530A CP2025 CM2320 Black OEM Toner Cartridge

HP LaserJet CC530A CP2025 CM2320 Black OEM Toner Cartridge

The HP CM2320FXI takes less time to produce a black-and-white or color copies or printouts with the Instant-On Technology. This saves a lot of time in demanding small to medium sized offices and work teams as well as small printing businesses. This enhances productivity by producing more outputs in less the time without compromising quality.

•    This color laser printer can be use to create professional-quality output effortlessly even without a PC. The HP CM-2320FXI uses an advanced flatbed CCD scanner to capture and e-mail high quality images from documents, brochures and books directly from the machine over a network without a PC.

•    This multifunction printer is pretty easy to use, set up, share, and maintain. The HP CM-2320FXI has an intuitive colour graphics control panel that makes the machine easy to operate. This CM-2320 printer model also has a built-in Ethernet/fast Ethernet that optimizes network sharing capabilities. Moreover, the toner cartridge is very easy to replace and/or refill.

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HP Color LaserJet CC530A CP2025 Black Remanufactured Toner Cartridge

HP Color LaserJet CC530A CP2025 Black Remanufactured Toner Cartridge

It does not matter if a machine is new, old, or discontinued. What matters is the machine’s effectiveness in the working environment. Though discontinued, the HP CM2320FXI can win over newer printer models in terms of efficiency and affordability. But like all printers, the print consumables are bound to be replaced at some point. Should the HP CC530A ran out of toner, consumers can easily replace it with an OEM HP CC530A toner cartridge. Consumers can also opt for cheaper alternatives such as compatible cartridges or refill kits to continue printing.

Laser Printers

Evolution of Laser Printers

evolution of laser printers

A laser printer is a type of digital printing machine that uses laser beams to produce printed output. The precise correlated interaction of the imaging drum, fuser and rollers is responsible for the systematic transfer of image on paper. Electrical potential is applied on each phase of the printing process.

Printing Resolution
Resolution determines the quality of the printouts. The higher the resolution, the better the resultant output. Early models could only deliver on the average 300 dpi (dots per inch), both for horizontal and vertical resolutions. However, recent developments have been really encouraging as resolutions had moved up to the 1200 dpi threshold. OEMs worked at enhancing output resolution which resulted to the tremendous improvement in print quality.

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Printing Speed
As printing technologies progressed, print speeds improved tremendously as well. It used to be that only monochrome printers can be expected to deliver the much bruited printing speed. Now even color laser printers can reach the 50 ppm (pages per minute) level. Thanks to the single pass printing technology, laser printing has reached enviable heights in speed.

Printing Technologies
Laser printers employ a laser beam delivered by the scanner assembly to create text and images. The laser scanner assembly delivers the digital image of the document in the form of regularly sequenced dots. The dots are written on the surface of the photosensitive drum.

Basically, the entire printing process will depend on varying electrical charges. As toner is positively charged it will literally cling to the negatively charged dots etched by the scanner. Since paper inherently has a higher negative charge, the formed image simply transfers to the paper surface as it comes in contact with the drum. Thereafter, the image on paper moves into the fuser. Remember the entire printing process occurs at blinding speeds.
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