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Samsung CLP-620ND : How to Fix Color Streak on Printouts?

The Samsung CLP-620ND is a color printer best for churning high quality printouts with its 9600 x 600dpi resolution at 25 seconds first page out. Its CLT-K508L black toner cartridges produces 5,000 pages in high yield and 2,500 pages in standard yield. It has smooth network integration, real-time calibration technology, blue compass navigation, and duplex printing. Despite these great features, this machine is still subject to malfunction and printing defects. Color streaks for instance have always been one problem noticed by users. The streaks affect the printout and come in different colors such as blue or red.

What are the reasons for having color streaks? Commonly, these streaks go across the paper or down the page. And in most cases, white or gray streaks appear. However, there are several reasons why an output gets streaks of colored lines.

a.) Static electricity. This happens even to newly purchased Samsung CLP-620ND. The paper when loaded incorrectly into the tray will produce static electricity as it prints, therefore attracting more toner onto the page.

b.) Defective or dirty transfer belt. The transfer belt collects the toner for impressions. However, when it gets dirty or worn out color streaks and other printing defects appear on the page.

c.) The fuser is cold. Heat melts toner so it can imprint on the page. The part responsible for this is the fuser unit. However, printing defects happen when the fuser gets overheated or cold. One of these problems is streaks on the page.

d.) Defective OPC drum unit. The imaging drum is a very sensitive part of any printer. Exposure to light or even a single scratch on its surface causes printing problems.

Color Streaks Solutions

  1. Before loading the paper in the tray, fan them to create a small bulge and clear the static electricity on each page.
  2. Replace or clean the transfer belt.
  3. See if the fuser unit needs reinstalling or cleaning. Run a test print and see if the problem is solved. If nothing changes, replace the fuser assembly. It might be defective.
  4. As for the imaging drum, there is no other solution but to replace it. Once the OPC drum becomes damage, it is more likely permanent.
Samsung CLP-620ND CLP-670ND CLT-K508L Black Remanufactured Toner Cartridge

Samsung CLP-620ND CLP-670ND CLT-K508L Black Remanufactured Toner Cartridge

The Samsung CLP-620ND is a great printer but is prone to damage and malfunctions when not maintained properly. Make sure to replace what needs to be replaced. Clean its interior and exterior as suggested in the manual to prevent its parts to wear out easily. However, when it comes to consumables, be sure to pick out a high yield compatible CLT-K508L cartridge to gain more savings.

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