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Ricoh CL7000 Toner Refill Kit – Saves 83% On Every Refill

The RICOH Aficio CL7000 color laser printer was one the finest printer that came out in 2005 as it provides efficient teamwork among office personnel in sharing information as a key to a successful business environment. As an effective ‘team player’ offices cannot just replace the printer as yet. Even if production has been discontinued, printer consumables for the CL7000 continue to proliferate the market. The latest to flood the supply chain is the RICOH CL7000 Toner Refill Kit that promises to duplicate or even exceed the OEM toner in print quality and yield. The presence of the toner refill kits will guarantee years and years of continued use of the printer.

Ricoh CL7000 toner cartridges

The bundled CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) OEM printer toner cartridges sells for $600, although the black is retailed at only $70 and delivers a yield capacity of 20,000 pages based on 5% coverage. While the other CYM OEM toner cartridges are retailed at $185 each with a 10,000 page yield coverage. However, when a complete set of CMYK toner cartridges runs out of toner, a user can continue to experience unparalleled in-house color printing with the use of compatible toner refill kits. In fact if remanufacturing procedures are made on the cartridge every fourth toner refill, a user could extend the ‘end life’ of the cartridge to match that of the printer.

Ricoh CL7000 compatible toner refill kits

To ease RICOH Aficio CL7000 users color printing expenditures, the compatible CYMK rainbow pack toner refill kit compatible with Ricoh CL7000 cartridges is available for $99.95, a far cry from the OEM that is 83% dearer. The retail price for black is placed at $29.95, while that of the CMY refill toners is $34.95 each. Also to help users do the refill conveniently, toner refill kits come supplied with all the necessary tools with a readable and easy to understand instruction manual. Besides, doing the refill on the type 105 printer toner cartridges is a simple task, since a user will need to just unclip the cartridge from the OPC Drum Unit, peel off the toner hopper cover and pour the replacement toner into the hopper through the fill hole. And with a little shake of the cartridge (to clear the hopper of clumped toner) before reloading it back to the printer and printing can actually continue. So, even a novice in toner refilling can do it in less than 2MINUTES.

Remember: The RICOH CL7000 ‘single pass’ speed monster (28PPM color, 38PPM monochrome) will continue to deliver color prints because a refill toner for Ricoh CL7000 cartridges is finally here.

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