Refillable Toner Cartridge – How It Is Done

Replacing your printer’s toner cartridge is really expensive. However, there is actually a cheaper option to replace your empty toner cartridge. Some are even surprise to hear that refillable toner cartridge is possible.

You have an option to refill new toner powder for a few number of times. Refillable toner cartridge allows you to reuse the cartridge preventing the cost of  buying a new one. Toner refill kits can be purchased to refill empty toner cartridge that have eventually run out. It is the cheapest way to get cost effective printing experience. Toner refill kits are designed to meet printers specification and examined to make good quality printouts. The following are helpful tips in refilling your empty cartridge.

  1. Locate or make a fill hole . You need to remove the cap that seals the cartridge. If this is not possible on your cartridge model, toner hole making tool can be used.  Your cartridge has a compartment tank which holds the toner powder.
  2. Fill the cartridge with the right toner. Once you already have the hole, pour the right amount of toner into the cartridge toner hopper.
  3. Reseal the fill hole.  Using a tape to secure and prevent leaking reseal the fill hole; or you can simply insert back the cap.

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