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Reduce Operational Cost For Canon MF-6595 With Virgin Empty Toner Cartridges

Canon MF-6595 is a multifunction printer that can print, copy, color scan, and fax. It is a single streamlined multifunction laser platform machine that is inherently more beneficial in limited office-space environments. It can handle workgroup needs as it can be used as a network printer with efficiency and top-notch quality. This is a good solution for saving space in small and home office environments. Although the initial cost is low, operational costs can rack up in no time when using genuine Canon 106 toner cartridge. This however, can be remedied by making use of virgin empty toner cartridges.

What is a virgin empty toner cartridge?

Virgin empty toner cartridges are brand new toner cartridges that are empty but have not been refilled. These toner cartridges are not rejected and are all virgin OEM cores. Virgin empty toner cartridges have never been drilled our disassembled. Before they are sold, these cartridges visually inspected and appear to be in great shape with no cracked cases or damaged drums. Virgin empty cartridges are collected from local schools, churches & fund raisers to support cartridge recycling and promote green printing.

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Users can identify a virgin toner cartridge with its original label. For example, a virgin Canon 106 toner cartridge should have a Canon logo found on the cartridge.

How do virgin empty toner cartridges reduce operational costs?
Empty cartridges are sold at a very low price. A virgin empty Canon 106 toner cartridge and a toner refill kit
for an instance will approximately cost $5 and $16 respectively.  An OEM toner cartridge on the other hand, cost up to $220. The price difference between a virgin empty Canon 106 toner cartridge and an OEM toner cartridge has clearly been too large. In this case, consumers can save up to $199 by using virgin empty cartridges.

Canon 106 MF-6500 MF-6530 MF-6550 MF-6560 1 Pack Toner Refill

Canon 106 MF-6500 MF-6530 MF-6550 MF-6560 1 Pack Toner Refill

By using a virgin empty toner cartridge along with Canon 106 toner refill kits, users will be able to print more pages for less the cost. Instead of paying a ready to use OEM toner cartridge, consumers can opt for virgin toner cartridges to be refilled that considerably reduces printing costs.

Although empty toner cartridges are widely available in the market, only a few people recognize how these can considerably reduce operational costs. Continue printing with Canon MF-6595 for less the cost without compromising print quality. By purchasing a virgin Canon 106 toner, cartridge consumers can print for less the cost while saving the environment through recycling.

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