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Real Estate: Tried Marketing Ideas That Drive Sales Successfully

Tried and Successful Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Real estate business is not every John and Mary’s piece of cake, only a few can survive in this kind of profession. As prospective buyers depend entirely on real estate listings, it must contain information relevant to the marketed property.

It is now up to sales representatives to use tried and tested marketing ideas to complete a sale. To help sellers make the pitch, here are some marketing ideas that may help in the process:

  1. Create the perception of luxury – most buyers are into properties that project a sense of luxury since it becomes the key or the driving force behind any successful sale. The luxury story is targeted to entice the potential buyer.
  2. Brand name recall – is considered as cultural currency as it describes the quality and value of a high-end or million-dollar properties. Success is dependent on sales agent that take advantage of the homes’ full inventory, like the personnel involved in the design, construction of the project.
  3. Hire professionals, writers to talk about the salient features of the property, videographers to deliver a telling narrative about a home in video. And according to the real estate association, 90% of buyers are first drawn into online by good photographs and video.
  4. Interact in social media – be involved in groups, particularly FB or Twitter not only to sell but inquire and ask for recommendation for Design and Construction professionals. This will create massive response and create a list out of the information delivered into the website. And to further extend the interaction, share as well the list.
  5. Sell below fair market value – as it exposes the property to so many potential buyers and even sellers. A view on the listings creates multiple offers, lots of scheduled appointments to view the property and may even end up in a bidding confrontation, surpassing even the fair market value.
  6. Don’t ever give up, retarget previous clients – buying real estate in not like electronic gadgets, it may take months for potential buyers to decide. Retargeting clients is like hoping to be the right agent at the right time when the sale is finally committed.
  7. Invest in facebook – this is through ads, since literally thousands of people in the community are aware the real estate listings exist. As more and more people see the listing, it creates a trend driving buyers to compete for the property.
  8. Speak directly to buyers – in marketing, nothing really beats personal interaction.

In addition, the right words spoken during person to person talks can really add up as a marketing strategy. Words like ‘luxurious’, ‘impeccable’, ‘landscaped’, and even ‘pergola’ can drive clients to commit.

Remember, the real estate listings is just a document, it will need the savvy of sales representatives to drive a successful sale.

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