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Real Estate Marketing: How To Get The Right Printer For The Job?


Real estate agents marketing thrusts will only spell success if teamed with the right printer to deliver on the promise. It is like Adam and Eve, or Mark Antony and Cleopatra, where one is dependent on the other for the success of an endeavor.

In most instances, an in-house printer is the practical source of documents, from flyers, to brochures to contracts and even forms. This has been the practice by most real estate agents because in-house is more convenient, endearingly affordable compared to outsourcing printing jobs. However, searching the market for the best printer is more difficult than what one imagines. Here are some lists on what the right printer should do.

  1. Can do multi-tasking – it only mean that the device can do aside from printing, scan, copy and send fax messages. The printer should be fast and prints as much as 20 pages per minute (ppm) for color or over 30 ppm for monochrome. And due to the nature of the business, the printer must be capable of delivering a maximum print resolution equivalent to 1,200 dpi (dots per inch).
  2. Can print directly from PC cards – this is to print stored digital images and when in scan mode creates a digital archive of printed documents or convert the same to PDFs for easy distribution via e-mail.
  3. Can print files from networked PC or laptop – the system’s software allows users to schedule print jobs along a queue, that is without opening other software apps.
  4. Can easily merge files – it has a document manager feature that delivers convenience to the user, particularly when combining several files into a single document intended for clients.
  5. Can do duplex printing – this is to save on media cost, since the business use a lot of high end paper types on its printing requirement.
  6. Can address all aspects of document workflow – monitoring e-mail, fax messages, and even print production is hard to contend with. The printer must be capable of doing the monitoring task convincingly and reduce downtime. Among others the device must be able to assess the office’ printing capabilities, document demand and provide insights into the most effective solution.
  7. Can run on alternative ink or toner cartridges – this must be an added feature because supplies other than OEM are remarkably cheaper. Savings could range from a low 50% to a high 90% compared to the OEM supplies.

As part of real estate agents marketing solution is to print all required information in-house. It is worth the consideration. After all solutions that include in-house printing is sure to introduce cost savings and creative control over the design and printing of documents for the success of marketing strategy.

Remember to ensure success, the real estate agents marketing solution should work in tandem with an in-house printer.

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