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Real Estate Marketing: Current Print Marketing Trends

Current Trends in Real Estate Marketing

Everybody are joining the bandwagon and wallowing into the popularity of the Internet. Realtors included as real estate marketing ideas tend to embrace the web as heaven sent.

As if any realtor that do not have a website is considered old school and is committing mortal sin. That is how important the Net is not only for realtors but practically for all businesses. However, looking closely there are still other real estate marketing ideas that contributes gainfully to the realtors sales effort. Some of the current trends are mentioned below:

  1. Virtual reality and 3D listings – is taking over as it offers a lot of convenience to prospective buyers. Gone are the days when realtors depend on open house tours to lure buyers to commit to a property. Instead, buyers are treated like royalty, where they are brought to the office seated comfortably in chairs, provided with snacks and beverages while intently watching property listing on an HD TV.
  2. Facebook ads – investing in Facebook through ads is currently trending is social media sites. The ad placement tremendously help marketing efforts as viewing traffic is virtually high 24 hours a day. In the past posting ads on social sites tend to cost peanuts, but currently it has risen in cost and will continue to skyrocket in the future.
  3. Marketing automation – is making the life of realtors much easier. It is just like loading the task to somebody to take care of the business at home, while the realtor is busy entertaining prospects. Research shows that time for buyers conversion is three to two years and monitoring the prospects will be a lot of hassle to the realtor. So, marketing automation takes care of the task, assuring realtors of sales once the buyers finally commits to the sale.
  4. Content marketing – is one of the most relied option to increase traffic in a realtors website. Why? Because it adds value to owners perception what real property to invest in. Competition though is becoming tougher as more and more realtors are taking advantage of the Nets popularity. Smart agents are parrying the blows by creating marketing content intended specifically for targeted clients.

If as a realtor the trends mentioned looks silly and alien, then indeed the real estate marketing ideas you are currently engaged in is old school. The chances of success looks really dim and a total waste of effort and money, as ROI is non-existent.

To attain a degree of success in realty sales try to bend and adopt, dump the out of line real estate marketing ideas.

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