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Real Estate Documents: How To Deal With High Volume Printing?

How to deal with high volume printing?

Real estate documents  intended for marketing is diverse, as one prototype can be different from the next. Refrain from entertaining a notion that documents can be printed from reliable print shops to save on production cost.

Offices that cater to real estate are left with no option but to print in-house and choosing the right printer is a herculean task. What with a lot of printers in the market that can deliver on high volume printing, but lacks the sophistication to deliver the stunning prints. Here are some insights that could help in choosing the right printer for the real estate printing need:

  1. Make an intelligent analysis on the office printing requirement, giving due emphasis on volume and speed. Be certain that the printing hardware chosen thoroughly fits the the office printing parameters, not just on speed but sophistication as well.
  2. Is the printer for everybody in the office, not just for a select few? If the purpose is to serve multiple users, networking is necessary and wireless to avoid lines of cables. A workhorse printer must be considered as all computers must have access. The office must get the most reliable Internet service provider, to free employees from frustrating signal irregularities.
  3. Does the need merit a heavy duty printer? When an office has a single printer for multiple users, a machine ‘duty cycle’ is an important consideration. Duty cycle is the capacity in number of pages a printer can churn out per month.
  4. Set operating costs as the benchmark in selecting the printer. Most printer specification is dovetailed on a 30% coverage area. It means that the printer using an OEM ink and toner cartridge can print a specific number of pages on a thirty percent coverage. Comparing printer brand coverage is the best alternative.
  5. A printer that prints on both sides of the paper is a topnotch consideration. Duplex printing is the ‘tomahawk’ guided missiles in printers. It saves on the consumption of papers and significantly reduces office operating costs, clutter and waste.
  6. Printer speed means efficiency, simply because employees need not wait in line to retrieve real estate documents from the printer tray. When it comes to speed, a laser printer will outrun any of the printing technology available in the market. But when the quality of the printouts is the office concern, an inkjet printer is the better device.
  7. Technology turnaround is a potential pain in the budget, since innovation is happening at breakneck speed. Who would have thought that printing with ribbons would evolve into ink or toner cartridges in just a short span.

The right combination of features and upfront cost will definitely be the right consideration in choosing the device to deliver real estate documents.

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