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Problem: Is It Possible To Change The Language On My Oki C5500?

User manuals and display menu language change based on the machine’s destination. So if you happen to own an Oki C5500 printer that is set to another language (perhaps in German or Spanish), you can always set it into American English or the language that is familiar to you.

Solution: Reset the printer’s System Configuration Menu to change language.

As stated in the printer’s manual, the LCD language is set to “English Only” as the default upon shipping. However, whenever the reset happens, one can always reset back to default settings through “ADMIN MENU” or by running the “Operator Panel Language Utility” one more time.

How to reset default language using ADMIN MENU:

  1. Switch on the Oki C5500. Hold down “Enter” button and wait until “ADMIN MENU” appears on the LCD display. Release “Enter” button and then press “Enter” once again.
  2. The printer may require an administrator password to continue. Key in the password then press “enter.” The “OP Menu” will appear on LCD display.
  3. Next, enter ‘+’ key three times or until “Language Menu” appears on the display.
  4. Press “Enter” to display “LANG INITIALIZE EXECUTE”. Press enter one more time.
  5. Once the question “Are you sure?” appears, simply press “Enter.”

Reset is complete. Your printer will now restart on the default (American English) language.

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The Oki C5500 is a printer known for its impressive speed and professional quality printouts. For proper handling and knowledge of its capacity, read the manual thoroughly and follow instructions. Language change reset may happen sometimes. But the recurring need of this machine is the replacement of the Okidata 43324403 toner cartridge  when depleted. However, you can always extend its serviceable life up to 4 times while gaining savings on consumable expenses. How? Use toner refill kits.

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