Printing coupons: Tips On How To Cut Printing Costs

Printing coupons: Tips On How To Cut Printing Costs

The Internet offers discount coupons that anyone can use to reduce cost of purchases. These coupons are regularly presented to specialty stores that help frugal spenders save. The catch however is, these coupons must be in printed form before it can be used by prospective buyers.

Printing coupons has become a trend as everybody wants to avail of the discount craze. It is where problems start to mount as consumers enter into a printing frenzy. Printing as if one’s life depended on it drives budget to spiral as household printing expenditures skyrocket. Hereunder are some tips to help in curbing costs in printing coupons:

  1. Most coupons has a thirty day effectivity period, so print only on scheduled shopping days. This is a very good strategy for buyers that shop monthly or bi-weekly.
  2. Set printer to print only in monochrome (black and white), since stores do not require coupons to be in color. Colored coupons carry the same weight as those in black and white.
  3. Try to configure the printer to print three coupons at a time on a single page, it cuts printing time, at the same time saves on paper and ink. If possible, avoid printing ads that normally appears with coupons online.
  4. Use an inexpensive laser printer that only prints in monochrome as these are fast printers, some at 100 pages per minute (ppm) and cartridges are designed to print more than 5,000 pages.
  5. To further save, use remanufactured cartridges, or do refills on the current cartridge instead of buying OEM (original equipment manufacturer). The cost is 50% lesser for remanufactured cartridges and as much as 90% savings when one opts to do refills on current empty cartridges.

There are other printer settings included in the menu that can significantly reduce the use of ink and toner when printing coupons. Users will only need to avail of these programs to save. When a user is shopping crazy or one that shops continuously, day in and day out, an inkjet printer will not be a wise investment – very high cost per page (cpp). Inkjet printers are only advised for shoppers that visit stores once in a blue moon, otherwise a laser printer will be the best device for these type of shoppers.
At the end of the day, the best advice that could be given when printing coupons is not to be trigger happy and print at the heart’s content. Observe prudence and print only when necessary.

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