Printing At Home: When It Is Better Instead Of Outsourcing?

Why Print at Home Instead

Technology has improved tremendously, producing printers that not only duplicates but print much better than print shops. This development is made possible with digital technology bringing printing at home to the heart of the consumers.

The way people print has also evolved radically, gone are the days when print shops was the only logical choice when meeting document production. Because of digital technology, people can now print documents only when there is a need, fast and easy. Why people now prefers printing at home are influenced by the following:

  1. Freedom in design – appearance takes the front seat as it is a vital part of any communication mix. The manner by which a document is presented is reflective of the personality of the person producing it. By just looking at the image, the air becomes perception, predisposition or even predilection. Make no mistake, image after all matters – it cannot be described even by a thousand words, to borrow a popular cliche.
  2. Full control – it happens when printing is brought in-house, in involves priorities what comes first or last in a print queue. Or when to print as timing is essential in the development, design and printing of documents. This in particular happens when there is deadline to meet. Anyone can respond accordingly, do some fast changes or shorten overall turnaround of documents and logistics are much forgiving too.
  3. Printing costs – this is simply reduced when digital printing technology is used. A digital printer marginally eliminates the need for extensive set-up costs. This is in contrast to print shops where print set-up makes up most of the cost. Also, digital printers can be used to print on different types of media, not just those common in the market. The only negative side of home printing is it is intended only for printing small quantities, it is still cheaper to outsource for large volume printing.
  4. Document security – is the single most important factor why home printing is encouraged. This is true to documents that are confidential in nature. Printing at homes reduces the chance for leaks or documents ending up in the hands of the wrong beneficiary. Besides digital printers are embedded with unique security safeguards to protect the integrity of printed documents.

When all of the factors mentioned above defines the consideration, printing at home should be the choice. All the plus factors will redound to the benefit of anyone contemplating to print documents. However, when the need centers on producing large volumes of documents, those delivered by print shops are still much cheaper.

Remember, to print at home is just a choice to be arrived at, it will still be dependent on the factors that influence the person.

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