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Printers: Why Looking For The Best Printer for Tax and Accounting Offices Is Not Easy?

Printers: Why Looking For The Best Printer for Tax and Accounting Offices Is Not Easy?

When choosing the right printer to do accounting documents is never encouraging. There are so many models to choose from that picking out the best is like looking for a particular star in the galaxy. Each printer works differently in terms of speed, resolution, print quality and there is absolutely no basis to make a head-to-head comparison.

In the absence of a clear and concise printer capability benchmark, the choice of the best printer in the market boils down to the following considerations:

  1. Pick the printer that will surely deliver – is a sound considerations among tax and accounting offices because the task is not subjective but focused. Meaning choose the machine that delivers 101% performance on an assigned task – printers solely for printing, scanners for scanning or copying documents. Never be fooled by MFPs (multifunction printers) because not all functions can be relied upon to deliver excellently.
  2. Pick between color or monochrome – proper assessment on the office requirement is a major consideration. Color printing is so expensive, while if documents are in monochrome, it could not meet the client’s taste for sophistication. In the past color printing of accounting documents was only secured when delivering the final copy of the documents.
  3. Pick between laser and inkjet printers – as tax and accounting offices requirement varies, a certain type of inkjet can deliver particularly when print quality is involved. Because it is a sure fact that no other printer technology can duplicate the quality that inkjets deliver. On the other hand, laser are monsters when it comes to print speed – some models even prints at over 100 pages per minute (ppm). And to top it all a single toner cartridge is designed to print over 5,000 pages, making it cheaper and ideal for large bulk printing.
  4. Pick the printer with the best drivers – is paramount in any choice, because hardware capability is almost endemic to a wide range of printer models. Printers somehow vary in the firmware it is installed with to deliver. Again the driver is the coup de grace in any printer model and is regularly attributed to manufacturers that invest heavily on software research.
  5. Do online research – when everything else fails to convince, online research might do the trick – the final nail in the coffin. Normally if the printer performance is bad, online testimonials abound and almost discriminatory. But if the printer is good, online testimonials are few, nice and encouraging.

As an added bonus information, printer ink consumable play a big role in the tax and accounting offices list down of accounting documents expenditures. Buying the printer that are not compatible with non OEM supplies should not be encouraged, because alternate consumables are much cheaper but churns out practically similar print quality. One remanufactured cartridge can cost 50% less than the original and if refill kits are used the cost drops down to 90% less.


Choosing the best printer to do accounting documents must be thoroughly based on its entirety, machine longevity, ink economy and upfront cost.

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