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Printer Versions: Is There A Difference Between The US and UK Models?

In a global context, all printers, scanner, copiers  emanating from the USA should not be any different to those used in the UK, Tokyo, Manila and the rest.

But far from it, a printer, scanner, copier supplied for US consumers cannot be used for UK users. A common scenario happens when one moves to the UK bringing along a US supplied printer which could not adopt to the local setup. Local regulations govern the use of these equipment, and chances are it needs to be dumped in favor of a local model.

Before anything else, take note that the US abides by the use of the English System, While the UK is structured with the Metric System. These are systems poles apart, all measurements are in inch, feet and yard in the US, while meters and kilometers are used in the UK. No, wonder printers made with the English system would literally be different from one manufactured with the Metric System.

Since almost all of the countries globally have adopted the Metric System, the US has been left out and must make goods or devices that fit the English System. Thus, when a US printer is used in the UK, only a US made cartridge can be used as replacement and vice versa. This only mean that Australian printers will need Australian made cartridges, UK will need UK made cartridges and so on.

Another point of difference, is the power voltage used by both the US and UK. The US of A operates on a 110/120 line voltage, and the UK meanwhile uses the 220/240 line voltage. So, a US printer when plugged to the UK socket will suffer and maybe burst into flames. While a printer in the UK will not work in a US 110/120 volt line. A US printer will need a power adapter to operate using the UK power line.

Another point of difference is the use of media or paper. In the US papers and other media are available in dimensions in inches and weights and thickness in pounds per square feet. This is totally different from the UK which uses centimeters for dimensions and grams per square meters for weights and paper thickness. From the glaring difference in dimensions, the printer, scanner, copier will be systematically adjusted to fit the varying scenario.
It is really of utmost importance that homes and offices must only buy from local printer, scanner, copier supplies to avoid the hassle associated with a non-compatible equipment.

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