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Printer Troubleshooting – Why won’t my printer print?

When your printer is still under warranty and why won’t my printer print, the reason could only be attached to loose connection issues. When met with this predicament, you can always do printer troubleshooting.

The reason printer issues has been discounted is the device is designed to last within the warranty period hassle free. And most printers are warranted to last at least three years, and if issues appear you can always return it to the manufacturer. Under warranty terms, it must be replaced immediately.

Loose Connection

This issue is easily recognizable by looking at the power on indicator lamp which should lit up at the push of a button. Failure for the indicator lamp to light up only mean power is not available to the printer. A user will simply have to check the power outlet and reinsert the printer plug to allow electrical energy into the printer.

Another loose connection issue that needs to be addressed is the USB cable that connects the computer to the printer. Even if the printer is alive and well, it will not print simply because the printer is dependent upon the computer for the printing information. If the connection is wireless, check for radio frequency adequacy.

Low Ink or Toner Levels

Empty or low ink or toner level is another cause for printer to refuse to print, ink and toner cartridges need to be replaced to continue printing. An empty paper tray can also cause printer shutdown, because printer and paper works hand in hand to deliver. And finally avoid paper to jam inside the printer as it cause automatic shutdown.

Remember, why won’t my printer print issues are automatic responses that are controlled by the different sensors inside the device. Any shortfall, like toner or ink levels, paper counter chip number breached, or absence of paper and jams, will regularly cause shutdown. This is to prevent damage to the device.

So, in the end why my printer won’t print, do not be alarmed shutdown is an automatic response, instead do some printer troubleshooting to restore order and continue printing.

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