Printer Troubleshooting

Printer, Scanner Issues: Some Of The Most Common Problems

Common Printer Scanner Problems

When a printer, scanner, copier malfunctions, it affects not only document reproduction but also office productivity and efficiency. Some of the issues are physically communicated to the user through the error lights.

Here are some tips on how to diagnose scanner problems and ready solutions to resolve the issues:

  1. Ready light is on or flashing – this is normal behavior of the device as it is in standby mode and ready to scan, it flashes on and off when scanning is in progress.
  2. Error light is flashing, ready light is off – this indicates a problem with connectivity and could be resolved by checking signal between the computer and printer. If this still does not work try unplugging both devices from the wall socket. Wait for a few seconds before re-powering on, and reboot both devices.
  3. Error and ready lights are both on – the scanner has received a wrong signal from the computer scanning software. Rescanning again will resolve the issue.
  4. Error and ready lights are both off – try checking if the scanner is plugged to the power outlet securely. Then push the power button to restart the scanner, the green ready light should be on. If not, there is a problem with the automatic document feeder or the scanner door is still open and need to closed. And if the automatic document feeder is currently being used, be sure to load the document properly and no paper has jammed.
  5. Error and ready light are both flashing – the problem lies with the transportation lock found at the back panel of the scanner and unlock.  Another approach is to unlock the scanner, turn it off and on alternately and restart the computer. This should allow the scanner to resume scanning.

If after having done all the tips mentioned above and the scanner still does not work, the problem could be complex and beyond the scope of the user’s skills. This is the end of the rope, and the printer manufacturer must be called to resolve the nagging issues.

Remember, no one not even the manufacturers knows when the printer, scanner, copier can stop working. Most irregularities appear to be component failure. Some may be software related which can be resolved by uploading updated drivers from the Internet.

Through it all, nothing beats a printer, scanner, copier that is properly maintained. It will deliver thousands of hours of flawless operation.

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