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Printer ‘Offline’: How to get it back to ‘Online’?

Getting a printer ‘Offline’ message is as regular as drinking coffee during work breaks, the reason could be three pronged. 

there is break in the internet connection, an unstable power supply or simply the computer thought my printer is ‘offline’ after a long printing break. Again, there is really no need to be concerned about, because everything will return as is. But, the ‘Offline’ message will continue unless some tweaks are made on how to get printer ‘Online’.

Part of the process of bringing the printer back ‘online’ is to check the cable connections if one is still using wired connections. For WiFi connections, check the Internet signal, and be really certain that connection to the router is firm. This is important because any minor connection detail from the router could cause the signal to fluctuate.

As experienced by most users, getting the ‘offline’ message is just a minor flaw which can be restored manually. The process to get the printer back ‘online’ is simple and easy and will not need to call the house technician. Unless, the cause is much more complicated and cannot be done with the regular glitch fix.

To get the printer ‘online’ manually, just go the start icon on the bottom left of your screen, and once the menu appears select control panel, then devices and printers. Right click on the printer under question and select ‘see what’s printing’. A window will open, then choose printer from the menu bar, then click on ‘use printer online’ from the drop down menu.

By this alone could be reason enough how to get printer ‘online’, because any connection flaw is minor and could just heal by itself, so to speak. Radio waves are invisible, and we do not have control and stabilize internet signals. Any break along the line can make my printer is ‘offline’, so we need to do minor troubleshooting to restore connectivity.

Remember, there is a method to restore a printer’s ‘offline’ connectivity issues.

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