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Portable Printer / Scanner: What Makes These Devices Popular?

In terms of popularity and reliability, nothing beats the portable printer scanner among office devices. And one type that excels not only on popularity but dependability as well is the Canon wireless printer.

The demand for the portable type is understandable, because large offices are no longer the subject market but homes, executives on the go and small entities. Focus has shifted to this demand as it is growing steadily, unlike large devices that has flat out or dead. These are the social groups that comprise the majority, their sheer number alone would be enough to boost sales and profits of printer manufacturer’s.

The rise in demand could only be due to its portability, that practically suits the need of the modern consumer. Easy mobility is the primary consideration, while dependability of an all-in-one comes next coupled with affordability. The lifestyle of printer users dictates what type of device is compatible, executives on the go, modern housewife, students and professionals are perfect fit.

The printer that leads the competition, normally have dependable function inherent only in larger models. But, since printer technology has progressed a lot in the last decade, models have evolved into smaller, compact but still dependable. Some of what users are looking for in a printer are summed up as follows:

  1. Portability is important, and only an inkjet printer can be relied upon to deliver on this premise. Recent release are really astounding, the size is a breath of fresh air and the weight is totally outrageous.
  2. Compact but still an all-in-one, with functions that include, scan, copy, fax, and easy printing.
  3. Technology used is thermal inkjet, resolution should be up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi (dots per inch) for black and white copies, color up to 4,880 x 1,200 dpi.
  4. Print speed will already do wonders at 10 ppm (pages per minute) or if speed is important there are models that can churn up to 20 ppm but slightly dearer.
  5. The battleground for new models is battery longevity, not only in terms of lifespan but effectivity in hours after every charge.

All the qualities users are looking are impressed on the Canon wireless printer, but some other models also offer stiff competition. Users are advised to be savvy in the choice, learn from the specification, ask friends before committing on the precious dollars.

Remember, portable printers are slightly expensive than regular models, so think a dozen times before investing, better yet choose the Canon wireless printer for your peace of mind.

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    September 5, 2019 at 5:58 am

    Aside canon i was looking for other brand that is cheaper than the one that mentioned. Since i’m always on business trip across the town, what can you recommend for me? and also i want to know what are the devices compatible to the said printer? thanks.

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    September 11, 2019 at 8:12 am

    I take a lot of time on the road, and often receive additional Tasks with legal document to be printed while underway. I’m looking for a printer to take up residence in an office space in my car. I’m also concerned about potential or the range when it damage .Any suggestions?

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