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Printer Issue: Printer Will Not Print Black

Printer issues vary, a black cartridge not printing black is just one of the many. Solutions to resolve this issue also vary, reasons, could be traced from the ink and toner store, maintenance issues or even the printer itself.

First check the printer if it is working seamlessly before even assuming that the cartridge is at fault. If after a thorough check and the the black cartridge point to be the culprit, questions like how it happened should be answered, and it could be any of the following:

  1. Has the printer stayed idle for some time, then the possibility of a clogged printhead is evident. A printer that has not been used and repowered, regularly has an automatic cleaning feature. Any clogged printhead is normally resolved by this cleaning sequence, so check the ink level to be certain that an empty cartridge is not behind it. If the black cartridge is full, cleaning the sides of the printhead with alcohol could clear it of hard accumulated ink.
  2. Has the printer been ok before loading in a new black cartridge? If the answer is positive, then the culprit is the new black cartridge and it should be replaced. Send the faulty black cartridge to the ink and toner store where it was purchased and replaced. The cartridge was defective in the first place.
  3. However, before returning the cartridge check if the cartridge has been freed of the plastic seal or wrapping normally included in the cartridge to prevent ink leaks. Presence of this seal would bar ink from passing thru, causing the black cartridge to refuse printing.
  4. The cartridge may just have failed, which is a manufacturer’s problem and would normally get replaced.

These are basically the four instances by which a black cartridge will fail to print. Take note that only cartridge replacement is the solution, nothing else will suffice. Although in some instances after printing for some time, the failure of the cartridge can be attributed to the cartridge page counter. This is hard to diagnose, reset the counter if a substantial amount of ink is still in the cartridge.

Remember, printer ink is expensive and users must exhaust all possibilities to make a cartridge print again. All cartridges are designed with a number of print pages, and if the cartridge went kaput before exhausting the print pages, it should be returned to the ink and toner store where it came from.

At the end of the day, printing success is a product of a fine cartridge that could only be sourced from a reliable ink and toner store.

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