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Printer Driver: How To Upgrade An Outdated Model?

How To Upgrade An Outdated Model?

We all know that printers need drivers to function and perform the different tasks assigned to it. From time  to time however, manufacturer’s update the drivers to improve the performance of their printer’s. This arrangement happens to all printer brands/models not just the Brother DCP 12540DW.

Printers drivers are never perfect, in fact it can cause a lot of problems to printer users. A slight deviation from the known printer constants, can cause the computer to become unstable and even crash outright. Drivers regularly suffers from bugs and fixes are introduced not only to improve but stabilize features and capabilities. Even new version of drivers also suffer from these irregularities, so updates is a continuing necessary process.

Due to the frequent updates of the operating systems, older models are found wanting in delivering and become outdated. To allow users of previous models to catch-up on recently released operating system, manufacturers place new versions in the net for free. Users will only need to download the new version to experience the added push that the recent release offers. But, downloading follows a particular process, and here are some of it:

  1. When users are into the Windows OS, open ‘devices and printers’ panel, this is easily done by clicking on the ‘start button’. After which, type ‘devices and printers’ normally part of the ‘search box’, and then press ‘enter’. A list of printers already in the system will appear.
  2. When the current printer in use has a yellow exclamation point icon appearing with it, or if the printer is not shown at all, new drivers are necessary. Just to be sure, download the new driver even if the OS reports that nothing is wrong with the printer. The updated version can fix the bugs that the user may not have encountered yet.
  3. Select the right operating system of the printer, and ‘click’ to download the printer driver. Wait for the download to be completed, it may take a few seconds or even minutes depending on the bulk of the upgrade.
  4. Once the printer driver download is completed, run the installer to complete the set-up. In some cases a reboot may be necessary, but after it the printer driver is already installed with the latest version of the firmware and total upgrade is complete.

Users of the Brother DCP 12540DW printers are advised to check the printer manufacturer’s website from time to time, because firmware upgrades are posted and should be downloaded to enjoy the new features that every upgrade offers.

Remember, if the Brother DCP 12540DW printer suffers from printing irregularities, a system upgrade could just be the answer to resolve the issue.

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