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Printer and Fax: How a Brother Machine Use Both Services Using A Single Line?

How to use Brother printer and fax in one line?

Voicemail and a Brother machine are two different things, both must be served by two distinct telephone lines. However, a brother machine like the Brother HL 5470dw printer can do both services using only a single line.

How is it possible? Not the way people think, because when both services (voice mail and machine) operates at the same time it creates conflict particularly when receiving incoming calls. For example, if four rings is set for voicemail and 2 rings is for the machine, what comes first in order of the program will connect and be answered. This automatic response bars incoming callers from connecting and leave messages in the voice mail.

The conflict between voicemail and machine could be resolved if the brother machine or printer is set to Receive Mode or Manual. This will mean that the user is obliged to answer every incoming call as the only option in order to receive fax. Complete the call as one normally should if it is a telephone call. And when fax sending tones is heard, the user must transfer the call to the Brother machine. When the user fails to answer both fax and voice calls, messages will be stored in the voicemail.

Using the manual mode the user must be attentive to the ring pattern and is a lot of hassle, so brother infused the ‘distinctive ring’ function of their printer. This feature allows users with one line to receive both fax and voice calls through two different phone numbers interred into the single line. However using dual number in a single line is a special service from the telephone company and should be requested and paid for. Each number is assigned different ring pattern, so users wont be confused between incoming call and fax.

Before going into details about the ‘distinctive ring’ feature, users must ascertain that such feature is available. Arrange with the telephone service provider about the company’s ‘distinctive ring’ feature. And after all things are in order, reconfigure the Brother HL 5470dw printer to work with the ‘distinctive ring’ feature.

Remember, that when using a single telephone line, incoming calls and fax can both be possible, if the users opts to avail of the Brother HL 5470dw printers ‘distinctive ring ‘ feature. There is no other option, except to go manual.

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    brother wireless printer setup
    August 20, 2018 at 1:39 am

    A brother machine has two different line at a different distance. A brother HL 5470dw using a single line for voice mail. But have confusion how it uses a single line for fax…

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