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Print Media: How It Improves Real Estate Sales/Marketing Drives


Selling real estate is perhaps one of the most difficult job a person could try on. Person-to-person marketing is never enough to push through with a sale. It must be backed by print media and real estate printing must be perfect to lure prospective clients into closing a deal.

Although part of the marketing effort is physical interaction to build client relationship, the availability of print media marketing tools reinforces the sales pitches. Real estate marketing tools serves as icing in the cake so to speak in any marketing effort. Some of the popular and effective marketing tools are described as (1) business cards, (2) brochures and postcards, (3) yard signs and banners.

  1. Business Cards – this is customary to build client connections since it details among others contact details. It is to draw attention to buyers and cards must be designed to stand out among the many. But cards need not be complicated in design or by using a combination of materials. Must be unique however and show brand identity to make a statement in the industry. As an added twist, a photo can be part of the design, print it on glossy paper, and the rule of three must be followed in the business deals.
  2. Brochures and Postcards – these are effective handout tools for prospective buyers, or an effective part in the business direct mailing campaign. Printing out the best looking brochures is of utmost importance since it will also reflect on the quality of real estate peddled in the mails. This should entice clients not just to read the brochures, but jump into the water and buy real estate.
  3. Yard Signs and banners – are important tools erected in front of yard and houses to inform people that the property is for sale. This marketing tool must be designed attractive, colorful, maybe unique to drive instant recall to clients and prospective buyers. This can be achieved by using contrasting colors on the main texts and background, while complimentary colors for secondary information will be sufficient. In a nutshell, yard signs and banners include relative information so interested persons can reach the right representative to offer bids.

The printer plays the most critical aspect in any marketing drive. It actually dictates the degree of success that real estate business expect. Choosing the best printer to deliver the necessary message to buyers is non-negotiable, real estate printing must be the end-all in all real estate marketing deals.

Bottom line, a good real estate printing is the holy grail in this kind of business. It is difficult to achieve but should be followed being the catalyst for success.

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